OSM Parent Portal

What is the Parent Portal?

We use a records system called Online Scout Manager (OSM) to help us with the administration of our group members. Leaders use OSM to view young people’s personal details and to keep track of their badge progress. Leaders also record young people’s attendance at sessions and events on OSM.

Parent Portal is the parent’s section of OSM. Once you are signed up to the Parent Portal you will be able to update your young person’s personal information as soon as it changes ensuring leaders have the most update information available to them. The details you can update will include address and contact numbers, emergency contact details, medical information and allergies etc.

How do I get started?

We’ll send you an email with an invitation link. If you have more than one young person in our group, then you’ll receive a separate invite for each one.

All you’ll have to do is click on the invite, and set-up your account.

We’ll ask you to confirm that the details we have are correct.

We will periodically ask you to check the detail remain correct but you will be able to update them at any time.

Confirm that details of your young person are correct

How will my information be used?

We’ll only keep the information we need for as long as your young person is within our group, and only members of 4th Thorpe Bay and Patriot ESU that require access to your details (e.g. leaders) will have access to that information.

If your young person leaves the group your details will be removed or transferred to the relevant district accordingly.

All information we hold meets current Data Protection & GDPR requirements. We will never share or sell your details to anyone outside of our organisation.

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